We believe that all lives matter

We work tirelessly towards Community Development, Poverty, Health, Education, Women and Girls Empowerment, and Advocacy For Girls.

Our Story

It started when a few people decided to give back and contribute to creating a better world. Founded in Nigeria, our foundation reached out to the poorest localities and with donations from our partners, we brought smiles to the faces of those we touched. We gave food and medicine and it felt amazing …we couldn’t stop there!

We have since grown to the level where we can relocate patients to countries where they can receive adequate treatment, educate hundreds of children in dire need and also work with governments on relief programs. 

Why we do it

We do it for children like Halima and Aisha who have faced so much hardship. They both lost their fathers because of the conflict in their local Village and now live with their Mothers and siblings on the streets due to poverty.

An unprecedented number of Girls are being forced to such situations because of poverty. They leave their dreams and lives behind.

You can help

The donations we receive from cheerful hearts like yours go to those who need it the most. We believe that in helping one person at a time, one day we will scratch the surface

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